MICATA is a non-profit organization and a regional chapter of American Translators Association that focuses its activities on the Mid-America region of the United States but has members throughout North America and as far as Spain, Germany and Japan. It exists for the benefit of translators, interpreters and other language professionals and those who use our services.

Collaboration & Community

MICATA’s major objectives are to provide a forum for translators, interpreters and other language professionals to share ideas and expertise through our meetings, website and newsletter, and to keep our professional members informed and up to date through our annual symposium on translation and interpreting.


Online Directory of Translators & Interpreters

Annual Conference & Professional Development

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Uplifting the Industry

Our Core Mission

We strive to formulate and maintain standards of professional ethics, practices and competence in the fields of translation and interpreting.

We aim to protect the rights and interests of professional translators and interpreters, and to improve the standards, accuracy and quality of translation and interpreting.

MICATA Board of Directors

Members of MICATA’s Board of Directors are elected for one-year terms. All of our officers and directors are volunteers. We hold elections each September, and all active and affiliate members of MICATA in good standing are eligible to vote. Our current Board members are as follows:

Janja Pavetic-Dickey


Camila Kohen

Vice President

Tingting Qin


Jason Jolley


Birgit Scherer-Wiedmeyer

Membership Chair



Nobi Hayashi


Francisco (Paco) Martinez


Marybeth Timmermann


Maria Perez-Andujar


MICATA board meetings are open to current members of the association. If you are interested in attending an upcoming board meeting as an observer, please email the board at: micata@gmail.com.

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MICATA Bylaws and Policies