Media Policy

Media Policy

Unauthorized recording of events organized by the Mid-America Chapter of the American Translators Association (“MICATA”) is prohibited, whether by video, still or digital photography, audio or other recording or reproduction mechanism. This includes recording of persons attending, presentations and supporting audio/visual materials and of poster presentations and supporting poster materials. MICATA reserves the rights to all recordings or reproductions of presentations at all conferences and meetings.

Exceptions to this policy of prohibition are:

  1. non-flash photography of the speaker and his/her presentation materials is permitted by attendees or MICATA accredited reporters upon the prior written consent of MICATA and of the speaker;
  2. other photography and videotaping by MICATA accredited reporters is permitted if not disruptive;
  3. photography or audiotape recording for strictly personal and non-commercial use is permitted if not disruptive; and
  4. exhibitors may photograph their own booth for their own promotional purposes.

Please be aware that attendees and guests may be photographed and videotaped by companies or individuals providing services to MICATA or as in the paragraph stated above. Some of these photographs or videos may be displayed by MICATA in future publications or materials connected with the event, or by those to whom MICATA has given its consent as stated in the paragraph above. If you do not wish for your image to be displayed by MICATA, please contact us in writing.

Adopted October 1, 2011